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Hiring media blasting equipment

If you are thinking about purchasing or hiring Media Blasting equipment for use in your workplace, you may not have realized that there is actually more than one type that you can choose between. Each of the different types of equipment has distinctive operating instructions and is suited to specific applications. 800-395-6926


Designed to outline

The following article is designed to outline the various Media Blasting equipment available to you, hopefully helping you to make your choice. Siphon; This type of Media Blasting equipment would have to be the most popular around, simply because it works out to be very simple and inexpensive to use.


The abrasive material

The equipment consists of an air gun that can be fitted with two different hoses - one blows the air that is delivered to it via the compressor, whilst the other sucks in the abrasive material. This creates a vacuum that mixes the two together before blowing it out of the nozzle.

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Pressure Pot: This type of equipment is actually viewed as being the more professional of all the types because it has a much higher Media Blasting pressure and is, overall, more efficient. This is often the equipment of choice for industries and workplaces that undertake Media Blasting across large periods of time. It consists of a pressurized tank where the air is mixed with the abrasive before being shot out.

Media Blasting Power Washer

Power Washer: This equipment is used when the services of wet Media Blasting are required. Basically, this equipment consists of a pressure washer that mixes in an abrasive with the water before being blown out of the nozzle. It actually helps to clean surfaces much better and far quicker than other methods; as such, it is commonly used for removing graffiti from affected buildings.

Unfortunately, as Media Blasting Guys in Mystic, IA explains most Media Blasting equipment will be subjected to problems with the flow of abrasive, especially if they were relatively cheap to purchase. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this could not be more true when it comes to Media Blasting. The siphon and pressure pot equipment is especially more likely to experience clogging and other flow problems.

Media Blasting

Media Blasting Guys in Mystic, IA must advice that by making sure that you choose the most appropriate equipment for your Media Blasting needs and that you keep it clean and well maintained, you will find that it is the best investment that you ever made. If your equipment does experience one of the flow problems outlined above, you are fortunate in that there are a number of ways that you can rectify the problem and continue on with your Media Blasting. But that's another story.

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